Video Game Compostion

Musical composition for video games and other interactive media presents a unique challenge. Your audience, the gamer, performs complex tasks while also being expected to observe and listen to the world they are immersed in. My gaming composition philosophy involves creating recognizable themes that seamlessly loop and fade between "scenes" while not negatively impacting the participant's immersive experience.  If you consider the brief history of video games, you'll see that the industry has quickly become home to one of the most impressively evolving genres of modern musical composition.

Precipice Evolved (Suite)

Precipice Evolved is an RPG adventure game being developed for PC and Mac. For this project, I worked closely alongside the game's developer and lead artist, who had compiled what is known as a Master Bible. Being able to consult with the creator helped me to deliver both the sounds and moods they required to craft their gaming environment. Knowing the story, pacing, and the characters involved allowed me to imagine what a player would be feeling during certain story elements. In turn, I was able to create themes and construct moods to be featured during gameplay. The suite featured below, is a bit of a teaser of the more extensive soundtrack currently in development.