Character Theme Philosophy

I like exploring themes and character creation through musical composition. Whether it be a playable character for a video game, a hero's melody for a movie, or an antagonist theme for a cartoon. Attaching a unique melodic theme to a character's appearance significantly impacts how an audience reacts. Similarly, the repetitive use of a unique melodic theme with a character solidifies their identity in the audiences minds.


Wendle was a spur of the moment creation that I had a lot of fun crafting. I had recently begun research on soundfonts for an upcoming project and happened upon the "wah guitar" soundfont. I managed to develop a simple, abstract melody. Through building upon that melody, Wendle appeared! I had such a great time imagining this little creature's world, what it would be like to interact with them, and the personality they would have. While crafting the music, I imagined what Wendle would look like, which you can see below. I hope you enjoy Wendle.