Stardog and the Ultrakid

Stardog and the Ultrakid is an animated series currently in developed for television. An intergalactic space opera jam-packed with perilous space action, daring adventure, weird gooey stuff and so much more! 


Artwork by Alyssa Plaia. Story by, Anthony Labriola & Alyssa Plaia



My composition for Startdog  started out with a simple acoustic guitar riff which evolved very quickly into what is shown down in the playlist. There was no story initially with this project for me, only character designs and a fairly detailed plot synopsis. I had worked with both creators on previous projects and was fully on board when approached initially. The story spoke close to my heart and I'm partial to sci-fi and space operas. I wanted to create something that invoked both how small the characters were and how grand of an adventure they would go onto together.